Wednesday, February 28

Russian Gas Deliveries to Europe Via Ukraine Remain High

The Russian state gas company Gazprom continues to supply a lot of gas to Europe via the pipeline through Ukraine. This is reported by the Russian news agency RIA based on data from the Ukrainian manager of the pipeline.


In recent days, an average of more than 109 million cubic meters of gas per day has been delivered to Europe.

Gazprom’s deliveries are, therefore, at the higher end of the company’s contractual obligations. It was previously announced that Gazprom has so far supplied more gas in March than the period before. This is due to the fact that customers fear that the gas tap will be closed due to sanctions or damage to the important gas pipeline through Ukraine. That is why they are trying to build up some reserves while they still can.

The European gas price fluctuates around 110 euros per megawatt-hour on the leading gas exchange in Amsterdam. At around 09.30 am, the gas price rose by 7 percent to 109.70 euros per megawatt-hour. Shortly after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, a record price of 345 euros per megawatt-hour was paid for gas.

Russia is the main supplier of natural gas for Europe. Due to the war in Ukraine, the European Union is trying to get rid of its dependence on Russian gas more quickly. Russian President Vladimir Putin last week demanded that customers from “unfriendly countries”, including EU member states, now pay for their gas in rubles. The demand to pay in rubles can be seen as a threat from the Kremlin to turn off the gas tap.

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