Thursday, February 22

Russia Warns of Flight Delays Due to Belarus

Russia still allows airlines to avoid Belarus’ airspace. However, this could cause delays because the country receives multiple requests, the country’s aviation authority warned.


KLM still had no problems with disruptions around noon on Friday.

RBC news agency reported on Thursday that Russia does allow aircraft to bypass Belarus. Earlier, several flights had to be cancelled because Moscow did not permit the detour. These were Austrian Airlines and Air France flights that were not approved for the diversion.

The unrest in European airspace follows the arrest of dissident Roman Protasevich in Belarus. He was en route from Greece to Lithuania by plane, but the Belarusian authorities diverted his flight to Minsk. There would have been a bomb threat.

Belarus received a lot of international criticism for the arrest of Protasevich. The European Union has urged airlines to avoid Belarus and has decided to close its own airspace to airlines from that country.

Belarusian carrier Belavia previously said it was forced to cease flights to European destinations such as Amsterdam, Milan, Rome, Frankfurt, Berlin, Vienna, Brussels, Barcelona and even the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad.

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