Tuesday, February 20

Russia is Testing How it can Shut Itself Off from the Internet

With some delay, Russia has successfully conducted a test to shut itself off from the internet. This should be able to protect the local infrastructure against cyberattacks from outside.


The test was conducted over several days last week by Russian government agencies, local providers and internet companies.

The intention was to see if the Russian national internet infrastructure, better known as RuNet, could function without connection to the global internet and the DNS system.

Russia does not reveal precisely how this happened. However, the country does state that various scenarios have been tested, including a simulation of a cyber attack from abroad.

Russia already announced at the beginning of this year that it wants to be able to shut itself off from the internet to protect its local infrastructure in the event of a cyber attack.

The test itself was delayed a bit because the country first wanted to approve a cyber law that allowed the government to expand its control over the internet.

After all, it obliges local providers to direct their traffic via strategic points that are managed by the government.

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