Saturday, February 24

Russia Fines Google Billions for Banned Content

A Moscow court has fined 21 billion rubles for failing to censor information the country bans.


This includes information about the ‘special military operation’ or the invasion of Ukraine. According to Roskomnadzor, the Russian internet regulator, Google, and its subsidiary, YouTube, have received multiple warnings to remove articles and videos that portray the Russian military badly.

They would also leave content that, according to the Russian censor, promotes extremism, endangers the lives of young people, and calls for participation in illegal mass actions (i.e., protests).

Roskomnadzor has been trying to get Google to comply with Russian rules. The regulator has already imposed several fines on the company, which is why this fine is now so high. It would amount to about ten percent of Google’s annual revenue in Russia.

Meanwhile, Russian users of Google Search and YouTube are shown a message that the company is not respecting the law. As a result, organizations in the country cannot buy ads from Google. The same measure was taken against Twitch’s streaming platform (part of Amazon).

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