Monday, February 26

Roaming in the EU Remains Free, But Calling Abroad is Not Cheaper

Calling and surfing with your mobile phone from another EU country will remain as cheap as at home for at least another ten years.


Negotiators of the EU countries and the European Parliament have agreed in principle about free-roaming.

The parliament also wanted to make calls cheaper to other EU member states, but they could not agree on this. As a result, a higher rate still applies for these international calls than for domestic calls.

Free-roaming within the EU has been around since 2017 and is considered one of the most popular recent achievements of the union. Since then, the use of the mobile phone abroad has grown exponentially.

Mobile phones automatically switch to a local network when abroad. The costs for this may not be passed on to the user until mid-2032. The measure was supposed to expire next summer, but Brussels is not reassured that companies will waive it themselves by then.

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