Saturday, February 24

Reinforcement of Baltic States Around With Promise More Troops Canada

The reinforcement of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania with additional NATO troops seems complete. Canada, which is in charge of NATO forces in Latvia, promised at the NATO summit in Madrid that that Baltic country can also count on reinforcements.


Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the three vulnerable NATO member states have been pushing for the expansion of NATO power to protect them against their big neighbour.

The United Kingdom and Germany, which lead NATO forces in Estonia and Lithuania, have already pledged to release more troops. These plans are part of the massive reinforcement of the eastern flank of the Western military alliance. NATO’s rapid reaction force is almost eightfold.

But Canada was hesitant to send more military personnel to Latvia than the 700 Canadians who now form the core of a 2,000-strong battlegroup there. The two countries reached an agreement on Wednesday evening, although the plans have yet to be worked out.

It is still unclear how much additional military and equipment Canada will provide and how much other NATO countries will contribute.

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