Wednesday, February 21

Record Sales of Chips Expected This Year As Well

Semiconductor sales will continue to grow this year, but at a slightly more realistic pace, IC Insights analysts write. 2021 was a record year for the chips.


The analyst firm puts the expectations for chip sales in 2022 at 680 billion dollars, converted about 600 billion euros. That is a growth of 11 percent compared to 2021, but it is somewhat slower than last year. On the other hand, chip sales in 2021 went up by 25 percent compared to 2020, with all the consequences and delays that entails.

The growth is driven by electric cars and adaptations we are making to deal with the pandemic. For example, more homework means that there is a greater need for computers, and more people become dependent on technology and networks to continue doing their job.

This also means that we had shortages in the past year. In particular, demand for GPUs has soared faster than the industry could keep up with. There was a greater demand for home entertainment on the consumer side, but crypto miners are also using graphics cards. As a result, the cards are often sold at three to four times the initial price.

That shortage is not over yet, writes consultancy Deloitte. The analysts there expect that we will still have to deal with chip shortages until 2023. This has consequences for, among other things, the cost and production of electric cars.

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