Saturday, February 24

Queen Elizabeth Cancels Her Traditional Christmas Brunch for Fear of Omicron Variant

Queen Elizabeth’s traditional Christmas brunch with her family is cancelled. The decision to postpone was taken out of concern as the UK’s coronavirus numbers are rapidly rising again. Especially the Omicron variant is strongly present.


Every year, Queen Elizabeth invites her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren to Christmas brunch. But now it is cancelled for the second year in a row by Covid-19. “This decision is one of precaution,” a royal source told Reuters.

“It would jeopardize too many Christmas plans if it went ahead. It is unfortunate, but there is also a strong belief that this is the right decision.”

British virologist Chris Witty had warned on Wednesday to limit contacts and to remain very careful during the holidays. He did so because the corona figures in the United Kingdom are again swinging: they have never been this high since the start of the pandemic.

The Omicron variant, in particular, is gaining ground in the UK.

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