Wednesday, February 28

President Zelensky: Meeting With Putin May Not Come, But Talks Remain Only Option

Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky anticipates that there will be no direct meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. That’s what he said on Ukrainian television.


However, Zelensky emphasized that there is no other option than to continue negotiating to end the war.

According to Zelensky, the many civilian deaths in Butha have now clarified that “denazification is needed, especially in Russia, and not in Ukraine”. President Putin cited “denazification” as one of the main reasons for invading the neighbouring country.

Still, talks with Russia – even after the revelations from Bucha – are the only option, according to the Ukrainian president. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, talks between the two countries will resume digitally on Tuesday.

Zelensky also said he would view a return to the pre-Russian invasion as a victory. However, he said that Russia and Ukraine are unlikely to agree on everything, especially in the Donbas region. “That will remain an issue that cannot be agreed upon in one go,” it said.

Zelensky did suggest that it might be possible for Russia to withdraw from his country in two years, though he also said he anticipates Russia will invade Ukraine again in two years. His country, therefore, needs international security guarantees, the president said. “We will strive for a state where security is the top priority for the next ten years, as in a great Israel,” it said.

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