Wednesday, February 28

President Trump Tweets From the Hospital in Maryland

President Trump has called on the Americans via Twitter from the hospital in Maryland to vote and, among other things, “to fight the corrupt fake news media”.


The new attack on the media seems to indicate that corona patient Trump is back on the election campaign despite his stay at the military hospital in Bethesda.

He may be sent back to the White House by doctors Monday. On Sunday he made a ride at the hospital wearing a mouth mask and in a locked car to greet supporters who had gathered there.

Trump tweeted a series of election slogans on Monday against bureaucratic regulations, abortion, lawlessness, military intervention abroad and, in his view, overpriced health insurance. He advised anyone who “would like the biggest tax hike and the collapse of the economy and a lot of unemployment” to vote for the Democrats.

Trump tested positive for the dreaded virus last week. On Friday, he was admitted to hospital with a fever and followed a ‘twitter silence’.

The president, according to his entourage, is probably on the mend and working again, it was announced over the weekend. In any case, Trump’s ‘twitter capabilities’ have been restored. Initially, it was modest on weekends with thanks to doctors, nurses and supporters, but now Trump looks back on the campaign.

The Americans can go to the polls on November 3 to elect a president, the 435 members of the House of Representatives and more than a third of the Senate.

In polls, Trump is lagging behind his Democratic rival Joe Biden. The backlog has widened due to his illness, according to a poll published over the weekend. But according to American media, Trump hopes that with a speedy recovery from the virus, he will give the impression that he is resilient and robust and should be reelected.

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