Wednesday, February 21

President Suriname: Tackling Corruption High on the Agenda

In addition to the recovery of the economy and combating poverty, the fight against corruption is also high on the Surinamese government’s list of priorities.


President Chan Santokhi said this in his annual speech for 2021 on Tuesday afternoon. He delivered his speech during a special session of parliament in a tent on the Independence Square in Paramaribo.

Approximately 45 million euros per year has been allocated to support Surinamese with a low income.

The imprisonment of leaders from the corruption scandal at the Central Bank of Suriname and the Post Savings Bank are examples of the new approach to corruption.

Stopping unjustified land issues and wasting money at ministries also fit into this list, according to the government. Partly because of this approach, Suriname is already in better shape than three months ago, says Santokhi. “Despite all the difficult decisions, despite all the painful measures, I dare to say that.”

Santoshi also went into foreign policy plans. He emphasized that Suriname wants to present itself as a country that respects democratic principles and institutions and where good governance is the norm.

The ambitions are great. “We want to make many friends in the world, not just one or two,” said the president. Attracting foreign investors is also an important spearhead.

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