Thursday, February 22

Polish President Andrzej Duda Can Now Start His Second Five-Year Term

Polish President Andrzej Duda can start his second five-year term. He took the oath in parliament on Thursday. The opposition took the opportunity to hold a colourful protest.


Members of the opposition wore mouth masks in rainbow colours in the hall. In doing so, they seemed to protest against statements by the conservative Duda about LGBTI people.

Several female politicians wore colourful dresses. They formed a rainbow when they sat together.

Critics of the President also held up copies of the Constitution. They think that Duda has little respect for that. Other opposition members stayed out completely in protest, and as a result, part of the room was empty.

Duda narrowly won the presidential election last month from Warsaw mayor Rafal Trzaskowski. He called for unity and cooperation on Thursday, despite political disagreements.

He also said he was pleased with the high turnout during the elections. According to him, this shows that “democracy in Poland is stronger than ever”.

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