Tuesday, February 20

Police Intervene in the Demonstration Against Racism in New York

In New York, thousands of people took to the streets once again on Thursday night to protest police brutality and racism, despite a curfew that applies across the city.


That reports American media. The police have arrested dozens of protesters.

Thousands of people were still on their feet in Brooklyn, Manhattan and The Bronx after 8:00 p.m. (local time) when curfew went in, The New York Times writes.

In Manhattan, hundreds of people demonstrated at the official residence of Mayor Bill de Blasio. According to many protesters, the police have acted too harshly in the protests in the city.

Protests also continued in other US cities, including Santa Monica, Nashville, Salt Lake City and Atlanta. A vigil took place in Boston in protest of racism, with Mayor Marty Walsh leading the way in a moment of silence.

That moment lasted 8 minutes and 46 seconds, just as long as a cop put a knee to the back of black George Floyd on his arrest last week.

Floyd died after his arrest. His death sparked the current wave of protest in the US.

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