Wednesday, February 28

Pilot Association and EasyJet Agree on Retrenchment

The Association of Airline Pilots (VNV) and EasyJet have unanimously agreed this week to a reduction in the employment conditions of pilots of the price fighter.


This retrenchment will take two years, but as a result, there will be no forced redundancies among the 90 pilots working in Amsterdam, says the VNV.

According to VNV, Amsterdam is an essential and strategic airbase for EasyJet. About 300 people work there, including 90 pilots.

The austerity includes a wage freeze and the absence of an inflation correction, a VNV spokesperson said. The current collective labour agreement has been extended for one year.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the VNV and the British airline have been negotiating a package of “cost-saving and flexibility measures”.

VNV chairman Willem Schmid says that the EasyJet pilots that the association represents “take their responsibility” in the “necessary steps” that airlines have to take due to the corona crisis. “With this agreement, the pilots are helping easyJet to weather the crisis.”

The flexibility measures concern the ability to scale up and down of personnel more quickly. To a large extent, easyJet pilots’ incomes were already flexible. If they don’t fly, they earn less.

The corona crisis has taken an unprecedented blow to the aviation sector.

EasyJet was unable to fly for a long time and has already announced that it will cut 5,000 jobs in the United Kingdom. This includes about 700 pilots. The bases at the UK airports Stansted, Southend and Newcastle are also closing.

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