Panasonic Hacked for Months

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Panasonic discovers that there have been hackers in its internal systems for months. The company recently noticed the issue and is investigating the matter.


In a short press release, Panasonic says that on November 11, it was noticed that a hacker had illegally accessed the systems and that he had access to ‘some data on a file server’.

But that’s a very succinct version of the facts. Speaking to Techcrunch, a company spokesperson clarified that the break-in was first identified on November 11. In practice, the hackers would have had access since June 22. That would have stopped on November 3. Some Japanese media also talk about that period.

It is unknown the exact impact or to what extent data was stolen or accessed. However, Panasonic apologizes for the incident, says it has notified the appropriate authorities and works with a third party to investigate the breach.

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