Monday, February 26

Opel Factory to Close Until Early 2022 Due to Chip Shortage

Opel car brand will close a factory in Germany until early next year due to the significant lack of computer chips that the car sector has been struggling with for some time.


The plant in Eisenach in the state of Thuringia will close next week.

Opel is part of car group Stellantis, including brands such as Citro├źn, Peugeot and Fiat. An Opel spokesperson speaks of an extraordinary situation due to chip shortages, which means that production has to be adjusted.

The Opel Grandland is built in Eisenach. It employs approximately 1,300 employees who are sent on leave.

The Eisenach site also had to interrupt work in August due to the shortage of semiconductors. Other major German car manufacturers, including Volkswagen and Daimler, have also had to shut down production lines because of these shortages.

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