Saturday, February 24

Olympic Rugby Teams Quarantined on Arrival in Tokyo

Several sports teams that have flown to Japan to participate in the Olympics must be quarantined upon arrival. For example, the South African rugby team (sevens) was on the plane with someone who tested positive for the coronavirus at the airport in Tokyo.


The South Africans would first go to a training camp in Kagoshima before the Games. Still, as a precaution, they had to quarantine in a specially designated hotel in the Japanese capital.

“The ability to adapt, both mentally and physically, will be crucial at these Games,” said South Africa coach Neil Powell. “We noticed that immediately upon arrival.” Although fourteen rugby players and four supervisors have to stay in their hotel room, training on the field is not an option for the time being. “We do have a training session, but via Zoom, while everyone is in their room,” said Powell.

The Kenyan and Russian rugby players have also been quarantined, according to unconfirmed reports. The women from Kenya would have been on the plane with an infected person, and the masseur would have tested positive within the Russian team. In addition, the Brazilian judokas were told that at least eight employees of the hotel in which they are staying had been infected with the coronavirus. According to the hotel, the employees concerned have had no contact with the athletes.

The International Olympic Committee maintains a list of the number of positive tests from those involved in the Games. Since July 1, the official counter has stood at 26, including an athlete. The Games start next week. “We don’t want to put any risk on Japan,” said Thomas Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee. “That message should be clear to everyone. The Japanese must be able to rely on this.”

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