Thursday, February 22

North Korea Tried to Hack into International Nuclear Agency

North Korea has attempted to hack into the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and South Korean defence contractors, Asian news website Nikkei reports, citing a United Nations (UN) report that Nikkei has seen.


Kimsuky, a group of hackers backed by North Korean intelligence, sent out phishing attacks, according to the UN report, during which it got hold of the email addresses of government officials and an IAEA security officer. The same group of hackers also allegedly attempted to hack into the VPN networks of Korea Aerospace Industries, one of South Korea’s largest defense companies, to steal technical data.

The UN report also confirms earlier reports from private research firm Chainalysis, which reported in January that North Korea had stolen nearly $400 million (€348 million) in 2021 from attacks on crypto-trading platforms. According to the UN, that money would be used to develop nuclear weapons and missiles in North Korea.

It concerns a draft version of a UN report, Nikkei reports, which will be submitted in March to a committee at the UN that will deal with sanctions on North Korea.

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