Monday, February 26

Newspaper: Investigation into Violations of Corona Rules by Labour Leader

British opposition leader Keir Starmer may have broken corona rules last year and is therefore being investigated by the police, The Daily Telegraph reports. The newspaper does not cite any sources. The police have not yet responded.


Labour leader Starmer has repeatedly called on Prime Minister Boris Johnson to resign over the fine he received for violating lockdown rules but is also under a magnifying glass himself. Images have surfaced from April 2021 of him drinking beer indoors with colleagues.

Johnson last month apologized to parliament, which decided to investigate Johnson’s alleged deception in the scandal surrounding government employees’ parties during lockdowns. The investigation could lead to the Prime Minister’s suspension or removal from the House of Commons. However, Johnson says he has not deliberately misled parliament and has no intention of resigning.

Starmer called for Johnson’s departure and believed that British finance minister Rishi Sunak should resign because he attended the birthday party Johnson was fined for.

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