Tuesday, February 20

New York State Again Has Fewer Than 500 Corona Deaths

In the hard-hit US state of New York, fewer than 500 new corona deaths have been reported for the second day in a row. The past 24 hours involved 481 deaths.


“That’s good, but our definition of good has changed. Good doesn’t mean terrible now,” said Governor Cuomo of the latest figures in the state with its approximately 19 million inhabitants. In recent weeks, up to 800 people, a day died of the coronavirus.

However, due to anti-coronary measures, that number has gradually decreased, as has the number of new infections per day. Far fewer patients had to go to clinics than previously predicted.

During a visit to the White House in Washington, Cuomo will discuss with President Donald Trump how to test more.

Cuomo and Trump had repeatedly criticized each other on these and other issues. “We talked a lot about each other,” says Cuomo.

“Now let’s coordinate who does what.” Trump believes that responsibility for tests in the corona crisis rests with the governors of the states.

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