Saturday, February 24

Netflix Rival HBO Does Record Strong Growth

While Netflix is struggling to keep its customers, competitor HBO, which broadcasts Game of Thrones, among other things, did record solid growth in the number of subscribers.


However, the American pay channel and streaming service are not yet available in our country.

HBO saw its customer base increase by three million in the first quarter to nearly 77 million worldwide. On an annual basis, this is an increase of 12.8 million customers.

The influx was mainly due to international expansion. For example, HBO Max also became available in several European countries on March 8.

Netflix announced Tuesday that it had lost subscribers in the first quarter, the first in more than a decade. Netflix also expects a further decline for the second quarter. The streaming service is many times larger than HBO, with about 222 million customers worldwide.

The share of Netflix already dropped 35 percent on Wednesday and also fell almost five percent on Thursday.

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