Monday, February 26

Nearly 80 Percent Fewer Cars Sold in Russia Due to Sanctions

Almost 80 percent fewer cars were sold in Russia in April than in the same month a year earlier, data from the Association for European Companies in Russia shows.


Car manufacturers were faced with sanctions against Russia because of the war in Ukraine and decided not to do business with the country anymore. In addition, companies that make cars in Russia could do that less because parts ran out.

Due to the sanctions and decisions of western companies to boycott Russia, the sales of various product categories are falling sharply. This is one of the first times that the impact of the sanctions has become clear for a certain product type.

Last month, more than 32,000 new cars were sold in Russia, compared to almost 120,000 a year earlier. Volkswagen and Volvo sales fell by more than 90 percent. Models of the Russian car brand Lada were still the most sought-after, but 78 percent fewer cars were sold from that brand too.

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