Saturday, February 24

Mouth Masks No Longer Mandatory in North Rhine-Westphalia

From Monday, face masks are no longer mandatory in the open air in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia.


However, face masks must still be worn in queues, because people will then be close to each other, just like in public areas in buildings. Germany is, in any case, in the process of easing measures. The emergency law for the extra measures will not be extended and will expire on June 30. Many restrictions are then removed.

For example, working from home will no longer be compulsory in Germany from July. The authorities are still looking at whether special rules should be introduced, such as wearing face masks in the office.

Other countries are also working on easing. France will remove the mask obligation in the open air from Thursday (June 17), and the curfew will be abolished on June 20. There has been a curfew in the country since October 30, which started at 6 p.m. at the peak of the corona infections. It is currently in effect from 11 p.m.

The French health minister Olivier VĂ©ran told television channel BFM on Thursday that the discotheques can also open again from July. But under strict conditions. The French catering industry reopened almost completely in June, subject to a number of conditions such as a maximum number of visitors.

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