Saturday, February 24

Motorcycle Manufacturer Harley-Davidson is Recovering Quickly from the Corona Crisis

Harley-Davidson seems to be coming out of the corona crisis well. In the past three months, the turnover of the American engine manufacturer rose by more than 75 percent compared to the second quarter last year to 1.5 billion dollars.


At the time, turnover was halved due to the outbreak of the corona crisis. A profit has now also been made, whereas a year ago, a loss was recorded.

The number of motorcycles sold has increased considerably in recent months, increasing a quarter to more than 65,000. The vast majority of sales were in North America. In that continent, Harley-Davidson sold 5 percent more motorcycles last quarter than it did in the same period in 2019, before the outbreak of the corona crisis.

The manufacturer announced a new strategy last February. Harley-Davidson will focus on segments where it is strong, such as touring motorcycles and the larger cruiser models. More attention is also being paid to electric models. For example, the first electric model, the LiveWire, received a cheaper successor this month.

CEO Jochen Zeitz says he is pleased with the solid past quarter and the signs of increasing consumer confidence in the market. However, he believes the supply chain poses continuing challenges in the sector. It has been known for some time that the corona pandemic is causing disruptions in international shipping. For example, there are major delays in deliveries from Chinese ports.

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