Wednesday, February 28

Moscow Sees Progress in Consultation with Ukraine

Russia still sees progress in talks with Ukraine. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said talks should continue, and Ukraine should show a more significant understanding of the situation in the Crimean peninsula and the eastern Donbas region.


Moreover, Ukraine understands that a neutral status in the country is necessary. The country has long wanted to join NATO, much to the dismay of the Kremlin. On Friday, consultations are again underway between the warring parties with video connections.

Friday, a Kremlin spokesman said that it is not easy to talk after an airstrike on a Russian fuel depot. Russia says Ukrainian attack helicopters set fire to a fuel depot in Belgorod, more than 30 kilometres from the Ukrainian border north of Kharkiv. Another explosion was reported there around noon on Friday.

Wednesday saw a series of explosions at an ammunition depot in the same area, even closer to the border. Russia has made no mention of Ukraine’s involvement in this incident in the village of Krasni Oktiabr.

On Tuesday, the Ukrainian and Russian delegations met in Istanbul. That seemed successful and smooth, but the Kremlin later stated that nothing promising had been achieved, and there had been no breakthrough. Nevertheless, Turkey mediates between the belligerents. Russian President Putin will call his Turkish counterpart Erdogan again on Saturday about this.

Russia launched a massive military attack on Ukraine just over a month ago.

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