Tuesday, February 20

More and More Lawsuits Against Philips in the US Due to Recall

In the United States, more and more lawsuits are being filed against Philips following the recall of, especially masks to prevent sleep apnea. This is evident from reports on the websites of various specialized law firms after earlier reports by de Volkskrant.


Philips would not confirm the number of more than 80 cases in the US and Canada mentioned by that newspaper because the company “does not comment on possible lawsuits”.

The American regulator FDA has classified the recall of the healthcare technology company in the highest risk category, the so-called Class 1. As a result, so-called “class action lawsuits” are filed, in which groups of people collectively file a claim in court.

For example, law firm Shouse Law, which has multiple offices in the United States, promises to take all cases of people who have used a recalled Philips device and who subsequently discovered new health problems. The office mentions various forms of cancer, such as lung cancer and nasal cancer.

Philips has already set aside half a billion euros in connection with the matter. In total, the company has formed more than 15 million of the devices since 2008. “However, the recommended lifespan is 5 years,” said a spokesperson.

“Based on production and shipping dates and taking into account this recommended useful life of 5 years, Philips estimates that there are a total of approximately 3.5 million affected devices, still in use today.”

Following that recall, Philips has also recalled tens of thousands of respirators from hospitals. According to the FDA, such equipment can also have serious health consequences, resulting in injury or even death. The FDA previously reported dozens of known incidents and multiple injuries, but no deaths.

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