Wednesday, February 28

Moldovan President Convenes Security Council After String of Blasts in Transnistria

Moldovan President Maïa Sandu will convene the Security Council on Tuesday after a series of incidents in the insurgent region of Transnistria. The presidency reports that.


The Moscow-backed tiny state of Transnistria, internationally regarded as part of Moldova, was rocked by several explosions on Monday and Tuesday. There are fears that the war in Ukraine could spill over to Moldova.

The convening of the Security Council indicates that there is great concern in the former Soviet republic. Chisinau fears becoming the next target of Russian aggression after neighbouring Ukraine. After the meeting, the pro-European head of state will hold a press conference. It is scheduled for 2 p.m.

Two blasts on Tuesday damaged two radio towers, knocking out these “powerful” antennas that relay Russian-language radio stations. This is reported by the Ministry of the Interior of the self-declared republic. The explosions happened near the border with Ukraine.

On Monday, the Ministry of Public Security building in Tiraspol was already hit by an attack with anti-tank weapons. There were no casualties in this attack and the one on the transmission towers. In Transnistria, it was already decided on Tuesday to raise the level of terror, and from Moscow, high-ranking politicians are already talking about provocations.

Moldova is wedged between Romania and Ukraine. With a population of more than 2.6 million, the small country has already seen more than 400,000 Ukrainian refugees cross the border. Chisinau also fears being dragged into the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, especially now that relations with Moscow have been tense after Sandu came to power in 2020.

On the military and economic front, Transnistria receives support from Moscow. About 500,000 people live there. Russia supplies free gas to the region and has some 1,500 military personnel on site. A Russian general spoke openly on Friday about Russian plans to control the entire southern part of Ukraine, as far as Transnistria.

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