Migrants Die of Cold at Turkish-Greek Border

Migrants Flee Libyan Smugglers Killed 15 People

In the northwest of Libya at least fifteen migrants were killed when they tried to flee from people smugglers, reports MSF. 25 people have been injured, some of whom have severe gunshot wounds and fractures, published by News Tribune.


The escape was Wednesday, but news about it has just come out. In the city of Bani Walid, more than a hundred refugees were in an illegal prison, which was run by the smugglers. After they broke out, an armed pursuit arose.

One part managed to escape, but about forty people, including central women, are stuck again. According to MSF, the escaped prisoners are mainly teenagers from Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia who want to apply for asylum in Europe.

Some of them were imprisoned for three years by the human smugglers under appalling conditions. They have scars, burns and other injuries. They have since been transferred to detention centres in the capital Tripoli.

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