Tuesday, February 27

Meghan Markle Gets Her Own Coat of Arms

Meghan Markle gets her own coat of arms, as announced by Kensington Palace via Twitter. Queen Elizabeth has approved the design of the coat of arms for the wife of Prince Harry.


The shield is designed by Thomas Woodcock, and he has incorporated all sorts of meanings into it. The blue background holds for the Pacific Ocean, and the two yellow stripes represent sun rays, says City News Journal.

The blue with the yellow stripes refers to the sunny state of California where Meghan lived before she married Prince Harry. The three springs stand for communication and the power of words.

The left side of the shield symbolises the United Kingdom, including the lion that represents her husband, Prince Harry. The songbird on the right is symbolic of Meghan Markle herself, who from now on goes through life as the Duchess of Sussex.

According to designer Thomas Woodcock, Markle is happy with the design. “A good heraldic design is almost always simple, and also fits well with the historic beauty of the British royal weapon.”

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