Saturday, February 24

London Uses Extra Soldiers for Corona Tests on Truckers

The British government is sending 800 additional soldiers to the southeastern region of Kent on Christmas Day to conduct corona tests on truck drivers intending to cross to the mainland.


This brings the number of soldiers who take tests to 1100, the BBC reports.

The border was closed on Sunday due to the virus mutation in the United Kingdom. Freight traffic is now allowed to travel via the Channel Tunnel and ferries to mainland Europe again, but the occupants must have been tested negative for corona.

Administering the tests is slow. According to the BBC, there are still about 4,000 trucks waiting to travel across the Channel to the mainland.

UK Transport Minister Grant Shapps said it would be a few more days for the waiting drivers’ problems to be resolved. Soldiers organize the distribution of water and food to the waiting drivers.

“I know it is difficult for many drivers to be in their cab at this time of year, but I assure them that we will do our very best to get them home Shapps said.

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