Monday, February 26

Lebanon is Also Investigating Foreign Involvement in the Explosion

The investigation into the cause of the massive explosion in the port of Beirut also focuses on possible foreign involvement. This is what President Michel Aoun said.


He stressed, according to the news channel al-Jazeera, that the cause is not yet known.

According to him, negligence, the possibility of an accident in the port or obvious intent, for example, due to the impact of a missile or the explosion of a bomb, is being looked at.

On Tuesday, a shed exploded in the harbour where 2,750 tons of the explosive ammonium nitrate was located. There were two explosions in quick succession.

The disaster caused at least 155 deaths and 5,000 injuries. The damage in and around the port is colossal and amounts to billions of euros. Hundreds of thousands of people have become homeless, and there is a threat of grain shortages.

And before the disaster, the country was already in a lingering economic and political crisis that has become even more dramatic this year due to the coronavirus.

Many Lebanese believe that ignorance, negligence and corruption among the country’s political and economic elites are the real cause.

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