Wednesday, February 28

Lavrov Criticizes French Leaky Conversation Between Macron and Putin

France has violated international diplomacy rules with a leaked meeting between President Emmanuel Macron and President Vladimir Putin, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said.


According to Lavrov, you cannot unilaterally decide to leak recordings of a diplomatic conversation to the media.

Lavrov’s complaint stems from a French documentary by broadcaster France2 about, among other things, Macron’s mediation efforts, shortly before Russia invaded Ukraine in February. The documentary features a 9-minute telephone conversation between the two leaders.

According to Lavrov, the conversation does not embarrass the Kremlin, but in international diplomacy, this is something that can not be done.

Lavrov is visiting Vietnam. He will be in Bali on Thursday for the two-day G20 ministerial conference. The G20 summit will be held there in mid-November. Since 1999, this has been an international financial and economic consultative body of which nineteen countries and the EU are members.

The G20 usually brings together the finance ministers of the member states, governors of the central banks and the president of the EU. Member States account for an estimated 80 percent of world trade and two-thirds of the world’s population.

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