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Know About Most Common Electronic Measuring Instruments

There is a separate gadget/instrument to measure every single quantity in this world. Whether you want to calculate the current or the potential energy, you have a device for that. The technology has added more to it with the introduction of advanced and smart instruments to humankind.

When it comes to some of the manufacturing giants, Keysight technologies come out as a famous name on the list. The company is has been producing measurement equipment solutions for wireless communication, aerospace technology, semiconductor, and various other world-class industrial platforms.

Moving to the electronic measurement instruments, you all must know some basic but essential measurement instruments. The list of the most common devices are below:

The entire measurement instruments include two broad categories, i.e., Voltmeters and Ammeters. Now, let’s dive into these two broad categories to understand their functioning and their applications in various industries.

As the name suggests, the Voltmeter is an instrument to calculate the voltage across any points in the circuit. It is the blend of two words, i.e., ‘volt’ and ‘meter.’ The Voltmeter is off into two types, i.e., AC and DC.

DC Voltmeter:
The name defined its name; it is the device used to calculate the DC voltage across two points of the circuit. It has ranged from 0V to 10V.

AC Voltmeter:
On contrary to DC Voltmeter, the AC Voltmeter is used to measure the AV voltage across the two points of an electric circuit. The AC Voltage can acknowledge the voltage ranging from 0V to 250V.

The Ammeter is made to measure the electric current flowing through the circuit at any particular time. The measuring instrument is a meter that calculates the ampere of the current, naming the device as ‘ammeter.’

Similar to Voltage types, Ammeter is also categorized as AC Ammeter and DC Ammeter.

DC Ammeter:
The DC Ammeter records the DC across the two points in a circuit. Its value ranges from 0A to 50A.

AC Ammeter:
Unlike DC Ammeter, the AC Ammeter is capable of recording the AC Current that can calculate from 0A to 250A current value.

These are the two crucial instruments used for measuring the electronic measurements. Furthermore, there are many other instruments used for analysis in the electronics industry. One of them is Ohmmeter.

An ohmmeter is an instrument that measures the electric resistance across the two points. The tool measures small resistance changes. Similar to the Ohmmeter, the meg-ohmmeter is also used to make large measurements.

The galvanometer measures the resistance and gets a better evaluation of the measurement.

Another critical measurement instrument is the multimeter, which is an electronic device used to perform multiple measurements using a single device. It has the characteristics to measure voltage, current as well as resistance. It comes with an LCD Display that shows the complete information without switching between the devices.

So, these are some of the crucial electronic measurement instruments that are in high demand and used by most of the industries. Which device do you think has affected the electronics industry, and at what level?

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