Monday, February 26

KLM Pilots Threaten To Strike Again

KLM pilots Threaten to Strike again after Rejecting the collective Labour Agreement. Pilots from KLM will be campaigning soon.


According to the Dutch Traffic Flyers Association, the management has refused a final offer for a new collective labour agreement.

The union said Thursday KLM still made a counter-proposal but would be too little attention to the concerns and objections of the pilots in it.

The VNV had given KLM the time to enter the last bid of the pilots’ union until 9 am on Friday.

The strict requirement was that new pilots would be hired and that the workload would be reduced.

The Kitesvereniging says that a particular crisis and recovery collective labour agreement is still in force at KLM.

After some crucial years, the company has maintained it up again, but falls short of the pilots, according to the VNV.

There would be four years of crew shortages, and pilots have to “close the holes in KLM’s schedule”.

Except for high absenteeism, this would also have led to flight failures.

Wide range of action options
Vice Chairman and chief negotiator of VNV Willem Schmid does not yet know which form the new actions will receive.

He does not exclude strikes, but the board of the union still addresses this, and then a member consultation follows.

Schmid says he has “a wide range of options for action”. According to him, there are no more scheduled meetings with KLM.

KLM calls the announcement by the VNV disappointing. The society says that it has met with fundamental requirements to the wishes of pilots to ease the workload and restore the balance between work and private life.

” That VNV the proposal as soon as the hand pointing is obscure and not in the interests of the pilots and KLM ”, says the company.


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