Tuesday, February 27

Kathy Hochul Inaugurated as New York Governor

New York Governor Kathy Hochul has been officially inaugurated. She succeeds Andrew Cuomo, who resigned on August 10 after allegations of transgression. Kathy Hochul is New York’s first-ever female governor.


Kathy Hochul has been officially inaugurated as governor of New York. Democratic Hochul has served as vice governor of New York since 2015 and previously served in Congress, the legislative body of the United States government.

Hochul succeeds Andrew Cuomo. He resigned two weeks ago after allegations of sexual harassment. He initially denied the allegations, but two weeks ago, a New York court released a damning report in which at least 11 women accused him of transgressive and verbally aggressive behaviour.

Hochul is New York State’s first female governor. Our correspondent Björn Soenens said in “The morning” on Radio 1 that Hochul immediately surrounds himself with more women. “Two top advisors she has appointed in the past 24 hours immediately become two women. That is also a first,” says Soenens. Three women will thus lead the important state of New York with its 20 million inhabitants.

According to Björn Soenens, Hochul faces some challenges: “The corona crisis that is returning a bit, the economy that has to backtrack, still no tourists in a state that mainly lives via New York City”. She will also have to fight economic inequality in the state and polish the government’s image again after the Cuomo affair.

Hochul will now complete Cuomo’s tenure. It ends in November 2022, when there are new elections. Hochul, therefore, gets a good year to prove himself and thus become the biggest contender to those elections.

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