Wednesday, February 28

Kamala Harris Could Become the US’s First Black Vice President

Kamala Harris was the first black woman district attorney in San Francisco, chief prosecutor in California, and senator for the same state.


Now, as Joe Biden’s running mate, Harris is the first black woman and woman of Indian descent to end up in the White House.

She said with each appointment that she was proud to be the first black woman in the position, but that she does not want to be the last.

Harris and Biden faced each other in a debate for the Democratic primaries last year. Harris soon withdrew and supported Biden, despite a fierce showdown during a dispute between Democratic candidates.

With the choice of 55-year-old Harris, Biden (77) wants to appeal to a broader audience and is thus preparing for his succession.

Harris is known for being more progressive than the moderate Biden and, because of her mixed ancestry, appeals to different populations than the white former Delaware vice president.

Being a lot younger, she could take over after a possible first term as president of Biden and become the next Democratic presidential candidate.

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