Wednesday, February 21

Judge Dismisses Kaspersky’s Lawsuit Against US Software Bank

Judge Dismisses Kaspersky’s lawsuit against US Software Bank. A US court has dismissed two lawsuits from Kaspersky Lab against the US government. Means the ban is on software, said FOX News Point.


Kaspersky Lab stated that the ban on software was in violation of the Constitution. Also, it would have caused excessive damage to the company.

The judge decided on Wednesday that the ban is indeed constitutional, writes Cyberscoop.

In September, the Ministry of Homeland Security halted the use of Kaspersky Lab software within US government agencies.

The ministry is concerned that the security company has links with the Russian government and the Kaspersky has always denied that.

In December last year and February of this year, the company filed lawsuits against the US government to reverse the ban.

According to the judge, the “theoretical damage” to Kaspersky’s image is “too vague and unfounded” to take action. The company declared that it has the right to sell products to the government. That court called the judge “worthless”.

“To sell someone has to want to buy,” the judge writes. “Because no government agency wants to buy the prosecutor’s product, the theoretical right to sell has no value.”

Kaspersky and the government have not reacted. The ban on software from Kaspersky within the government will start on 1 October this year.

The Netherlands
The Dutch national government also stops using anti-virus software from Kaspersky Lab. The government fears that the Kremlin will use the software for spying. Minister Ferdinand Grapperhaus (Justice and Security) referred in May in a letter to the Russian offensive digital activity, which is “focused on the Netherlands”.

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