Thursday, February 22

Jordan Prohibits Reporting on Investigations into Ex-Crown Prince

Jordanian media are no longer allowed to publish on the case of the former Crown Prince Hamza bin Hussein. That has been determined by the attorney general in the Jordanian capital Amman.


King Abdullah’s half-brother is accused by the government of conspiring to destabilize the security of the country.

The prosecutor reports that the publication of “anything related to this investigation” is prohibited at this stage of the ongoing investigation. The ban also applies to social media and images related to the case.

At least sixteen arrests have been made so far in the investigation. The 41-year-old prince is said to have worked with them and foreign parties to undermine security in Jordan.

Hamza denies being involved in any conspiracy against the king and is supported by the former Queen Noor, the mother of both Hamza and Abdullah. King Hussein’s widow says there have been slander.

Hamza pledged loyalty to the king and the constitution on Monday after being heard by the security forces and two days after the start of his house arrest. In a statement released by the royal family, he said he “will always be support and support for his majesty the king and his crown prince.”

Shortly before, the prince criticized the way the country is governed. According to him, the country’s leaders are corrupt and consider their own interests more important than those of the public.

Hamza was the first in line to succession until King Abdullah removed that position from him in 2004. The king later made his eldest son the crown prince.

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