Wednesday, February 28

John Kerry: There Will Be No More Room for Climate Deniers

John Kerry was received by Ursula von der Leyen and Frans Timmermans in Brussels. In the interview, Timmermans and Kerry talk about a rapprochement between the USA and the EU.


In an interview with WELT, US climate commissioner John Kerry and the EU commissioner Frans Timmermans explain why they hope for China to fight climate change. The USA relied on allies beyond politics and hope for the young climate protectors.

John Kerry was received in Brussels like an old friend. The US climate commissioner is in Europe to prepare for the climate summit to be held in Glasgow in November. In Brussels, he was invited to the engine room of the EU without further ado.

On Tuesday, he was allowed to take part in the weekly meeting of the 26 EU commissioners with Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. “You should have seen how John was received,” enthused Frans Timmermans, the vice-president of the powerful EU authority responsible for climate issues.

In the EU capital, there is a great relief that Europe and the USA are talking on friendly terms again after four years of Trump despite all the differences. The meeting lasted far longer than expected; Kerry and Timmermans arrive a little late, around 6.40 p.m., for the video interview with WELT.

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