Saturday, February 24

Joe Biden and Xi Jinping Hold Video Summit to Discuss Thorny Issue of Taiwan

US President Biden and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping met. It was not a face-to-face meeting but a video conference. However, both leaders emphasized their mutual bond.


Relations between the two countries have been very tense lately. The situation has already deteriorated under Trump, and Joe Biden also focuses on China as the main foreign threat.

Biden and Xi know each other quite well. Xi even spoke of an “old friend”. Biden’s diplomacy also revealed that the US president does not see his colleague as an old friend. But there is a bond of trust: “We can communicate honestly and openly with each other,” said Joe Biden.

Xi said both countries need to improve communication to tackle the world’s major challenges together. Biden also said that both presidents must “ensure that competition between the two countries does not turn into conflict”. The US president believes that “all countries should abide by the same rules of the game”.

Taiwan has been discussed, among other things. China sees Taiwan as a rebellious province, while Taiwan sees itself as an independent country. Earlier this month, Biden said he would defend Taiwan if China attacked it.

It is expected that other sensitive topics, such as trade and cybersecurity will also be discussed. But nothing is known about that yet.

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