Wednesday, February 28

Jessica Jones Actress Welcomes The First Baby

Jessica Jones Actress welcomes the First Baby. The first child of Jessica Jones actress Krysten Ritter and her friend Adam Granduciel is born! It is a boy and has a real superhero name.


Krysten’s little man is called Bruce Julian Knight Granofsky.

The Jessica Jones actress has had a boyfriend for ages, namely War on Drugs frontman Adam Granduciel.

His real last name is Granosfky, so that’s why the boy’s name is.

And it seems that the actress named her son after another Marvel character, namely The Hulk, who is called Bruce Banner.

But it could also be that she was inspired by Batman, whose name is Bruce Wayne.

But a better guess is that the boy is named after Bruce Springsteen, the favourite artist of Krysten.

The pregnancy was announced last February and was unveiled at the premiere of the third season of Netflix series Jessica Jones.

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