Wednesday, February 28

Jennifer Hudson Drives Thirteen Hours To Honour Aretha Franklin

Jennifer Hudson drives Thirteen hours to honour Aretha Franklin. After the flight from Chicago to New York, Jennifer Hudson completed a drive of nearly thirteen hours to pay tribute to Aretha Franklin during the Pulitzer Prizes.


“I looked up and thought: it feels like Aretha’s spirit is in me.

She didn’t believe in flying, she always wanted to go to her concerts on a ride,” Hudson said in an interview with AP.

The actress and singer even arrived five minutes earlier than the agreed time and sang Amazing Grace during the presentation of the prestigious American literature prizes.

“I wouldn’t have missed this for anything although I should have crawled.

She is always with me, and I feel that she is assisting me in my choices so that I am always on the right path.”

“I put everything on everything”
The 37-year-old Hudson, who will play Franklin in a yet to be recorded biographical film,

 indirectly already interpreted the soul legend in the movie Dreamgirls.

It was Franklin himself who appointed Hudson to play her in a film about her life.

“That’s why I put everything to be able to sing during the Pulitzers.”

Franklin died last August from the effects of pancreatic cancer.

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