Friday, February 23

Italy Police Intervene After Protests Against Corona Pass in Trieste

Italian police intervened after days of protests in Trieste against the government’s corona policy. According to Italian media, the riot police used water cannons against demonstrators who blocked part of the harbour. They chanted slogans like “freedom, freedom”.


Dockworkers and their sympathizers have been demonstrating for days against the obligation to show a so-called ‘green pass’ when they go to work. With this pass, they can demonstrate that they have been vaccinated against the coronavirus or have recently recovered from a corona infection.

The Italian policy is considered very strict compared to other EU countries, and that creates resistance. The vast majority of people over 12 in Italy have been vaccinated. Still, an estimated 40 percent of employees in the port of Trieste do not have a green pass, according to the ANSA news agency.

Opponents of government policies do not trust the vaccines or find the policies unconstitutional. As an alternative, unvaccinated Italians can also have themselves tested regularly, but they have to pay for this themselves.

Thousands of people have joined the protests in the northern port city in recent days. Trieste is one of the most important ports in Italy, and there were fears that the actions could seriously hinder freight transport. However, the impact appears to be limited, according to ANSA.

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