Wednesday, February 28

Italy Makes An Agreement With The European Commission On Budget

Italy Makes an Agreement with the European Commission on Budget. Italy has made an appointment with the European Commission on a budget of the country on Tuesday.


A spokesman for the Italian Treasury said on Tuesday evening. The agreement will be signed on Wednesday.

The committee approved the first Italian budget in October because it would break the European financial rules.

The Italian government reached an agreement on the new budget on Monday.

It seems that the European Commission has now acquired it.

The first version said that Italy would have a budget deficit of 2.4 percent and that economic growth of 1.5 percent was foreseen.

The committee did not accept that. After several discussions with the committee,

 Italy decided to reduce the budget deficit to 2.04 percent.

Immediately after the rejection, Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini stated that no changes would be made to the budget because Europe wants it.

Also been repeated several times by the Italian government.

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