Monday, February 26

Italy Lifts Entry Restrictions for Travelers From EU

Italy will lift entry restrictions on Saturday for EU travellers who can show with a special corona pass that they have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19, have tested negative for the virus, or recently recovered from infection.


Now this group still has to submit a negative corona test.

The relaxation announced by health minister Roberto Speranza also applies to people entering from the United States, Canada or Japan. They must also be able to demonstrate that they do not pose a risk.

In contrast to these countries, British travellers will have to deal with stricter rules from Saturday. They must be quarantined and tested for five days on arrival in Italy, Speranza reports on Facebook.

The reason for this is the many infections with the Delta variant. In addition, the entry bans for India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka have been extended.

Italy was hit hard by the coronavirus last year and was even the epicentre of the outbreak in Europe for a while. Now that fewer and fewer people are becoming infected, many corona measures have been cancelled. The government is now also considering ending the obligation to wear masks in the open air.

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