Monday, February 26

Italy Extends State of Emergency Due to Coronavirus Till Mid-October

Italy extends the state of emergency due to the coronavirus to October 15. Parliament approved a government proposal on Wednesday.


Due to the state of emergency, decisions can be made more quickly in the fight against the coronavirus. More money will become available for special measures, and regional authorities will have more powers to intervene.

Italy was the first European country to be hit by corona and declared a state of emergency for six months in January. It expires on Thursday.

“Unfortunately, the pandemic is not completely over yet, although the effects are more controlled and regionally limited,” said Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.

For a time, Italy was the European hotbed of the corona outbreak with crowded hospitals and massive mortality, especially in places in the north.

To date, the country has had over 35,100 corona deaths. Of the more than 246,000 people who became infected, almost 200,000 have recovered.

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