Saturday, February 24

Italy Calls Brussels Biased And Ignores The Budget Warning

Italy calls Brussels biased and Ignores the budget Warning. The Italian government ignored the European Commission’s warning about Italy’s excessive budget deficit on Wednesday.


The heads of government speak of a “biased attitude” against Italy.

The Commission’s figures revealed that the southern European country’s budget deficit is likely to be much higher than expected.

Brussels awaits a deficit of 2.5 percent, considerably higher than the 2.04 percent that Italy agreed with the European Commission.

According to Minister of Finance Giovanni Tria, the figures of the Commission are incorrect.

According to him, several measures are not included in the Commission’s estimates.

Also, a possible VAT rise is not included in the forecast, says the Minister of Finance.

Tria thinks there is more behind the prediction than just an economic motive.

“The estimate seems to be more a political than an economic one,”

 Said Tria in Paris. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte also hinted at a conspiracy against Italy.

According to him, the estimates suggested a “biased attitude”.

Deputy Prime Minister Salvini went one step further and criticised the Commission’s estimation capacity.

“I read the estimates from Brussels this morning, but they have never predicted anything right.”

Salvini is therefore not considering taking more economic measures: “I am not thinking of increasing VAT or taxes,” he said.

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