Wednesday, February 28

Italian Police Encounter Widespread Child Pornography

Italian police have identified more than 400 people who have exchanged images of the sexual abuse of children.


This happened after “the largest police operation in years against the distribution of child pornography via the Internet”.

Police conducted an undercover investigation for two years and said photos and video footage of the abuse were distributed through 159 groups and channels on messaging services such as WhatsApp and Telegram.

This includes footage of the abuse of babies. At least fifteen arrests have been made so far.

Researchers identified 432 involved: 81 Italians and 351 foreigners. According to the police, suspects have different backgrounds. These are students, retirees and even a police officer.

Two alleged protagonists are a 71-year-old optician from Naples and a 20-year-old unemployed person from the Venice area.

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