Saturday, February 24

IS is Again Fully Active With Large-Scale Attacks in Syria and Especially Iraq

While the world has its hands full with fighting the coronavirus, the Islamic State terrorist organization (IS) is again fully active with large-scale attacks in Syria and especially Iraq.


Since the start of Ramadan this weekend, IS has claimed responsibility for more than 260 attacks in Iraq alone. 426 were killed and injured.

According to its own propaganda channels, IS had launched an “attrition campaign” with a series of attacks in the lost caliphate, which spanned much of Syria and Iraq, as well as Egypt, Nigeria, Niger, Congo and Mozambique.

According to IS specialist Hassan Hassan, co-author of the bestseller ISIS: Inside the Army of Terror, the terror organization now seems to be above two significant setbacks.

The collapse of the caliphate and – six months ago – the death of leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi have apparently been processed.

That is being translated into more and more new actions, according to Hassan Hassan. He warns of a dangerous revival of international IS terror in an opinion piece in the British newspaper The Guardian.

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