Saturday, February 24

IS Claims Rocket Attacks at Kabul Airport, US Military Investigates

There is again unrest around the international airport of Kabul, in Afghanistan. Several rockets were fired at the airport early this morning. IS has since claimed those attacks. The missiles could be intercepted, the US military said.


Meanwhile, the Americans continue with the final evacuations. Likely, civilian casualties were also killed in an American attack on IS yesterday. The US military is investigating the matter.

Early this morning, several rocket attacks have been perpetrated on Kabul airport – or its environs. IS-K, the Afghan branch of the terrorist group IS, has claimed it. IS-K said six missiles were fired. IS-K was responsible for the attack at the airport last week that killed nearly 200 people, including 13 American servicemen.

The US military previously spoke of at least five missiles. They would not have ended up at the airport because a missile defence system could intercept them. However, witnesses heard three explosions near the airport. There would have been shooting afterwards.

After that attack, US drones have already fired on IS targets twice, the first time in retaliation for the attack. The second time, yesterday, to prevent another attack on the airport.

According to the Americans, a car was targeted in that second drone attack (according to witnesses, it concerns two cars). According to the US military, several IS fighters were killed who planned to carry out another attack on the airport.

The US military is now investigating whether there were also civilian casualties in the latest drone attack. According to an Afghan governor, three children were killed. The American news channel CNN reports that an entire family of nine people, including six children, is said to have been killed. A brother of one of the deceased testified about this to a local journalist who works for CNN.

The Flemish freelance photographer Jim Huylebroeck, who is in Afghanistan, also testifies about civilian casualties. He visited a house that is said to have been hit and where he believes ten people from the same family have died. “People were mourning,” he says in “The morning” on Radio 1. According to him, these are people who were on a list to be evacuated a few hours later by the Americans. “It looks like a mistake has been made here. It’s very dramatic.”

The US military says it is indeed possible that civilians were killed in a series of explosions after the attack. They would indicate that there were not only IS fighters in the car but that the car was also full of explosives, which would have caused those explosions. It is not yet clear whether that is correct or whether, on the contrary, houses have been directly affected.

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